One of the main qualities that all Pro DJs have in common is the ability to read the audience and forecasting the next set of songs to be played Next. A Great Play List of Dance Hits is very important when the DJ is performing in the DJ booth, but another key element is the DJ Sound System. Your Customers invest a great amount of energy, thought and money into how their celebration look. That’s why it’s important for a DJ to provide their customers with the Best Active Speakers!

Best DJ PA System for Weddings, Sweet Sixteen, Quinceañera Parties!

A Pro DJ can never be too prepared, and below you will find a list of DJ Speakers that will provide you with a Quality DJ Sound System!

Best Top Speakers

  • QSC K12.2
  • QSC KW152
  • QSC KW 153
  • QSC CP12
  • D.A.S Audio Action 15a
  • D.A.S Audio Vantec 15a
  • Mackie Thump15a
  • Electro Voice ZLX 15p
  • Behringer B215D
  • Turbosound iQ15
  • Bose F1 Model 812

Best SubWoofers

  • QSC KW181
  • D.A.S Audio Action 118a
  • D.A.S Audio Action 218a
  • D.A.S Audio Vantec 215a
  • Mackie Thump 18s
  • Turbosound iQ18b
  • Turbosound iQ15b
  • Yorkville PSA2S
  • Yorkville ES18P
All of the speaker that are listed above have met the standards & demands by Pro Audio Experts. They make a highly recommended DJ Sound System by our PA Speaker Sales!