Creating a Quality DJ Sound System That Rocks

One of the main qualities that all Pro DJs have in common is the ability to read the audience and forecasting the next set of songs to be played Next. A Great Play List of Dance Hits is very important when the DJ is performing in the DJ booth, but another key element is the DJ Sound System. Your Customers invest a great amount of energy, thought and money into how their celebration look. That’s why it’s important for a DJ to provide their customers with the Best Active Speakers!

Best DJ PA System for Weddings, Sweet Sixteen, Quinceañera Parties!

A Pro DJ can never be too prepared, and below you will find a list of DJ Speakers that will provide you with a Quality DJ Sound System!

Best Top Speakers

  • QSC K12.2
  • QSC KW152
  • QSC KW 153
  • QSC CP12
  • D.A.S Audio Action 15a
  • D.A.S Audio Vantec 15a
  • Mackie Thump15a
  • Electro Voice ZLX 15p
  • Behringer B215D
  • Turbosound iQ15
  • Bose F1 Model 812

Best SubWoofers

  • QSC KW181
  • D.A.S Audio Action 118a
  • D.A.S Audio Action 218a
  • D.A.S Audio Vantec 215a
  • Mackie Thump 18s
  • Turbosound iQ18b
  • Turbosound iQ15b
  • Yorkville PSA2S
  • Yorkville ES18P
All of the speaker that are listed above have met the standards & demands by Pro Audio Experts. They make a highly recommended DJ Sound System by our PA Speaker Sales!
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