DJ Equipment That Set You Apart From the Competition

In the world of the professional DJ, choosing the right dj equipment is critical in making a unique name for yourself and your brand. Offering a diversity of features to your DJ set and purchasing interesting gear makes you more equipped than your competition to successfully book large gigs with clients who have high expectations for your performance.

DJ resources are often bundled in packages to make purchasing hassle free. DJ lighting packages include a variety of lighting solutions for a small or expansive setup. Mirror balls, beams, spotlights, pulse bars, light balls, strobes, motion lights, LED lights, light arches, backdrop lighting, totem lights, orb lights, color bar lights, light trusses and more are all available in sets that are bundled for ease and effectiveness. DJ controller packages are similarly bundled for the professional DJ looking to beat out the competition with a sleek equipment system. DJ controller packages come with an audio mixer, speakers (often including stands) and cables. Smaller DJ controller packages fit inside of a handled case, while larger systems use trusses and have lighting components. Karaoke adds an interactive element to any DJ set, and karaoke packages make choosing the components easy. There are karaoke sets suitable for the professional DJ that include up to four microphones.

A DJ with a large variety of equipment in the arsenal is better equipped to book a wide range of events than a DJ with fewer capabilities. Choosing from DJ package bundles makes your setup look streamlined and makes setting up easier by decreasing machine compatibility issues and the need for extra adapters.

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