DJing Tips for Large Weddings

DJing Tips for Large Weddings

Being the DJ at a wedding might not be everyone’s cup of tea. You need to have ability to draw in people to the dance floor and keep them fully entertained over the next few hours. Here are some DJing tips to help DJ’s deal with large crowds at weddings.

Familiarity with Popular Music
While DJing at wedding, the crowds are usually from a diverse range of backgrounds. Playing popular tracks is the most appropriate option for such a gathering. At the same time you need to possess a broad musical understanding of all genres- new and old. You should also be able to access the tracks from your database at a moment’s notice. Be adaptable and constantly monitor the guests on the dance floor. The key to a good performance is that the audience must be able to fully enjoy themselves. Make swifts changes to your playlist if you find things are getting monotonous.

Create Back Ups
This is one of the most important criteria’s to being a successful DJ. You need to create multiple backups to ensure the guests at the venue are not inconvenienced in any way. You can never say when a music file will get corrupted, so always carry a backup hard disk with you.

Set up an Internet and iTunes Account
Even if you own musical collection is extensive, there is always the possibility that you will be caught off guard with a unique request. It would be wise to have access to the internet so that you can play any track of their choice. Typically, the bride and the bridegroom go over the songs list prior to the wedding. But like it happens in most cases, you should expect sudden requests from the crowd and it would help to have an internet connection set up in case the particular track is not part of your collection. If the place does not offer wireless connectivity, you can still tether your mobile device to your computer.

Learn to Deal with those guest that had just a little too much to drink
While playing at weddings you are always going to come into contact with guest that had just a little too much to drink. It is essential to remember that these guests at the venue are here to just have a good time. Make it a point to be polite with them at all times. Quite often you would find people walk over to you offering suggestions on what to play next. Consider their requests but you need to make sure that it does not impede with the overall rhythm you have set for evening. You need to able to find a delicate balance while dealing with hundreds of unpredictable guests who are dancing to your tunes. You must also be prepared to be flexible and willing to take quick decisions whenever required.

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