Get to Know the Basics of Event Production

Get to Know the Basics of Event Production. The Ultimate Guide in Making any Event a Total Success.

It is extremely important for DJ's to Get to Know the Basics of Event Production.  There are many DJ's who worry about how they can actually pull through their first Gig and whether they can make it as successful as they promised their clients. As a beginner, you can easily hire the services of any AV companies in Chicago to assist you in making any Event a total Success. Unfortunately, the sub-contracting of such AV Companies can take a big chunk of your earnings. If you are looking to learn the Basics of Event Production while performing at a DJ Gig, well let us introduce you to a Chicago Event Production company, They are a company that teaches you and uses the following basic blueprint to plan out your events including the purchasing of necessary Pro Audio and Lighting to ensure that everything goes according to plan. Click on any of the DJ Equipment highlighted categories in this post to be taken directly to a page where you can make your first purchase that will include free technical support/consultation and a Discounted Price.

For those who are interested with pulling their event together and be able to succeed with their first project, there are certain things that they must learn first prior to getting started or officially launching their event production services. If you are just starting with this kind of business, the following are the basics when it comes to event production:


Whenever there is an event, trussing is required especially when you are planning to create a stage and you need lights and other effects hanging over the stage. This is where everything hanging over the stage gets the support. It is best that your team is equipped with people who can handle this job or you can try getting the services of technicians who can handle the job and just pay extra for the labor. However, if you are short in budget, you can try learning more of assembling truss basics.  We have some great deals on trussing packages on our website with many options depending on your intended use, click here:  Trussing .

Event Lighting or Up-Lighting

A very important part of Event Production is Event Lighting, also known as Up-Lighting. Of course, you want to make your event as entertaining as possible, always having in mind that certain and specific Lighting solutions are required. Get to know the possible options that your team can use not only for a certain event but also for upcoming events that you may handle. Learn the basic categories for lighting such as: Moving Heads, Stage Wash, Up-Lighting, Spotlights, and other options that are called for at any event.  To see many different options and prices, check out the lighting section on our website for different light categories and make a purchase depending on the specific application that you will be executing: Lighting

Pro Audio

Another branch of Event Production is your Sound Setup, also known as Pro Audio. You must learn the basic sound solutions available for any event and whether there are starter packages that you can avail for your production team or if you need to start immediately with big equipment. Since you are just starting, it is best that you get to know the possible options available for startup businesses like what you have.  When it comes to Pro Audio applications, there are numerous setups you can choose from, one that we highly recommend are: Powered Speakers and Powered Subs. Passive Speakers with additional amplifiers are also good, but they are a thing of the past. They are heavier, making it twice as hard to transport and set up.

AudioVisual Installation & Setup

This is an essential part of your event production services. Any event will not be complete without an AudioVisual Consultation. You can search for audio visual companies in Chicago and check how they provide this particular service to get some ideas. Basically, this may also cover pretty much most of the sounds but with added services on the visual effects like the use or projectors for displays or even plasma TVs, LED Video Walls for displaying important visuals.

In case you already have some background when it comes to event production but still require some assistance with how you can pull everything together, you can always make your research with how DJ Equipment Rental Companies do their job. You can ask expert advice or just make more research about the basics. Regardless of what event you are about to handle, it is best that you get to know the basics first to make each event successful.

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