Marketing Your DJ Services

Marketing Your DJ Services

Marketing Your DJ Services is just as important as practicing your set!

Quick, Inexpensive Business Cards
You must have your DJ service business cards on you at all times. Any time you are not able to give a prospective client a business card is a time you lose a prospective client. There are tons of services that provide business cards quickly and inexpensively.

Car Magnets
Services that make business cards often also offer car magnets that you can slap right on your ride to advertise your DJ services right where you live and work, or in other words, right where your target market lives and works. Turn your vehicle into a 24/7 marketing tool and watch your DJ business race to success.

Word of mouth is probably the greatest way for you to build your business. People who tend to hire DJs are people who hang out with others who need DJs too. This is one reason you must always have a fat stack of business cards on you at all times. You can also prime this pump by incentivising people to refer business to you by offering future discounts or even finders’ fees.

Google Voice
Google will give you a local number to serve as your DJ business number. Google Voice can be set to automatically direct calls to your personal smartphone. Not only that, Google will let you know that it is a business call so that you will know to answer the call professionally. Google Voice offers a wide selection of settings that can help you your DJ business succeed.

Have an Active Online Presence
Record your work so that you can post it on your website and the social media profiles you have on YouTube, Facebook and the like. Prospective clients wants to see and hear you in action and it is your job to give them an easy way to do so.

Get an Agent
Once you are sure you have what it takes to be a true professional, it will be time for you to hire an agent. Go with an agent who has a history of working with DJs so that you can be assured of getting the right kinds of gigs.

Always be a Pro
When working or otherwise representing your DJ business, be a professional. This means you cannot be trying to bed bridesmaids or showing late or unprepared. Be the kind of DJ you’d like to hire!

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